Bloat - for all your extraction needs


Bloat requires that you have the following utilities to use it to its full potential (however you can run bloat with as few utilities installed as you like):

Ar (part of binutils)

An archive format generally used to bundle libraries together.
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BZip2 has superior compression to GNU zip in most cases, and is being used more frequently.
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GNU tar

Tar is a very commonly used format, and it is almost vital that you have it.
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Tar/Gzip is one of the most commonly used archive formats.
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An old compression format.
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Needed if you intend to work with files compressed with Microsoft's compress utility.
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p7zip is a *nix port of 7za.exe, the 7-zip command-line interface, used to extract 7-zip files.
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A compression format, required for extracting RPMs. NOTE: bloat only works with pax 1 and pax 3.
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A package manager, used by Red Hat, Fedora and Mandrake, amongst others. You will most likely already have this.
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UmodPack is a utility to manipulate Unreal/Unreal Tournament modification files. If you want to extract .umod files, you'll need umod from UmodPack.
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Ace is a compression format, primarily used on Windows. Do not let the URL put you off; it does contain a Linux download.
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An old DOS compression format.
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A not-so-widely-used commercial compression method, with superior compression to zip.
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A very commonly used compression/archive format on Windows/DOS.
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uz2unpack is a fast utility for extracting compressed UT2004/UT2003 (.uz2) files.
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